RIIZE Continues Upward Trend With “Get A Guitar”

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Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Seunghan, Sohee, and Anton have been piling up first-place records since their debut last month.

RIIZE’s first single album “Get A Guitar”, released on the 4th of September, ranked first on the updated Circle Weekly Album Chart (September 24-30), demonstrating its still strong popularity even in the fourth week of release.

In addition, this album not only ranked first in the overseas album category on Japan’s Oricon Weekly Chart as of October 2 but also ranked second on the Weekly Album Chart following first on the Daily Album Chart, once again proving the high interest in RIIZE.

In addition, the album’s title song “Get a Guitar” also topped various music sites, including No. 1 on Apple Music’s Top 100 Korean Daily chart and No. 1 on Bugs’ real-time chart. As of October 3, it topped Melon’s daily chart with over 120,000 users. It is receiving a lot of love, ranking 21st and up to 15th on Melon Top 100.

Additionally, the group sold over 1.01 million copies in just one week, becoming a super-fast million-seller. With their unrivaled trending presence and charm, they are attracting attention from various fields, including music fans around the world, major foreign media, including business magazines, advertising, and the fashion industry, so their future activities are even more anticipated.

Celebrate RIIZE’s achievement by watching “Get a Guitar” below!

Source: JTBC News