RIIZE Soars to New Heights with Second Consecutive Million-Selling Album

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K-Pop’s rising stars, RIIZE, continue to dominate the charts!

Their highly anticipated debut mini-album, RIIZING, has achieved a remarkable feat, selling over 1.25 million copies within its first week.

This impressive milestone makes RIIZE a million-seller for the second consecutive time, further solidifying their place as one of the hottest groups in the music scene.

Released on June 17th, “RIIZING” immediately soared to the top of major Korean album charts like Hanteo and Hottracks. Building upon the success of their debut single album “Get A Guitar” which also achieved million-seller status in September 2023, RIIZE continues to demonstrate their immense popularity and talent.

The album’s global reach is undeniable. “RIIZING” topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in 10 regions worldwide, and dominated charts in Japan (Line Music), China (QQ Music), and various local platforms like AWA. This widespread success proves RIIZE’s captivating music resonates with international audiences.

The title track, “Boom Boom Bass,” has also been met with critical acclaim, ranking high on major Korean music charts like Melon, HOT 100, and Bugs. This energetic song is sure to be a favorite among fans during RIIZE’s upcoming music show appearances, starting with “The Show” on SBS M·SBS FiL on June 25th.

With a million-selling debut album and a chart-topping mini-album, RIIZE has cemented their status as a force to be reckoned with in the K-Pop industry.

Stay tuned to witness their continued rise and electrifying performances!