Rocky Establishes One-Man Agency, Makes Solo Comeback

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Former Astro member Rocky sets a new beginning for his career.

Onefine Day Entertainment said on October 26, “Rocky established Onefine Day Entertainment last August and continues his singing career as the company’s CEO and solo artist.

The company’s name, Onefineday, contains the meaning of hoping that every day will be a wonderful day.

Rocky, who is in his 8th year since his debut, is determined to show that he has grown into an all-rounder with production skills, going beyond the realm of a multi-faceted artist on stage. From writing lyrics, composing, and producing to creating choreography, he directly leads this album from planning to production.

Rocky’s first solo album, scheduled to be released next month, is a self-produced album that focuses on the experience and capabilities accumulated over the years, and will show the results of solo artist Park Min-hyuk.

Rocky previously admitted that he was in a relationship with actress Park Bo-yeon. In this process, even though Rocky expressed his affection by having Park Bo-yeon participate as a lyricist in Astro’s album, inviting Park Bo-yeon to a musical, and sending her a coffee truck to support her, he showed no interest in communicating with fans, which became a problem.

In the end, he left Fantagio last February without being able to renew his contract.

Source: JTBC News