Rothy Evokes Retro Mood In Latest Single’s Teasers

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Singer-songwriter Rothy has unveiled the second teaser photo for her upcoming digital single, “Happy End.”

In the image, Rothy is shown deep in thought with a microphone before her. Her expression, laden with complex emotions such as sadness and loneliness, suggests she is lost in reminiscence and captures the viewer’s attention.

Previous teasers featured nostalgic elements like cassette tapes and recorders, evoking a retro feel. T

he latest teaser continues this theme with the inclusion of an LP and a headset, enhancing the emotional ambiance and sparking curiosity about the new track.

“Happy End” marks Rothy’s first release in about seven months since her digital single “Your Season Will Return.” The new song is an upbeat, summer-appropriate track.

Known for her evocative music in songs like “Stars,” “All Blooming Flowers,” “Winter… Then Spring,” and “Diamond,” Rothy showcases her expanding musical versatility with this release.

“Happy End” will be available on various music platforms at 6 PM on the 23rd.