SECRET NUMBER’s Denise And Dita Unleash Irresistible Charms In Teasers For Upcoming Comeback With “Got That Boom”

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Denise and Dita are surely setting the online world on fire as they complete the solo previews for SECRET NUMBER’s comeback next month!

SECRET NUMBER has unveiled the last set of gleaming individual teasers for its highly anticipated comeback with “Got That Boom.”


The rookie group’s final solo sneak peeks feature members Denise and Dita, serving effortless and glamorous looks and mature auras.

Released from October 28 to 29, the teasers gained massive attraction from global fans as the two members showcase their new, riveting concept.

Delivering enchanting charms, Dita radiates an impressive, cool girl vibe, while sporting an eye-catching ensemble that accentuates her figure.


Striking a pose in a confident and mesmerizing manner, the group’s main dancer and only Indonesian member perfectly demonstrated her overflowing charisma and stage presence.

Her subtle yet elegant gestures and amazing projecting skills also proves Dita’s well-roundedness and versatility as an idol.

For her snapshot, Denise has made heads turn with her stunning visuals, which perfectly fit the girl group’s upcoming theme.


While donning a loud outfit, the girl group’s maknae exudes a phenomenal poise as she enchantingly gaze towards the camera.

Proving she is the perfect embodiment of sophistication, Denise further captured spectators’ attention with her youthful and dreamy character.


Accompanying the teaser images, concept clips featuring the remaining SECRET NUMBER members were also released, giving fans a hint to their nearing comeback.

Moreover, the clips specifically show the girls displaying their unique personalities as they groove to the melody of their upcoming single.

Just recently, the five-member group has been proving their “monster rookie” title by sweeping records in international music recognition awards.

Notably, SECRET NUMBER scored the top spot in Indonesia’s TEN Asia TOP TEN Awards held from July 28 to August 25 with 151,901 votes.

With the group’s steady growth and continuous achievements, expectations are rising regarding their upcoming song’s overall vibe and message.

Meanwhile, SECRET NUMBER will release its new single “Got That Boom” on November 4 at 6 PM KST.

Source: SECRET NUMBER’s Official Twitter Acccount

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