SECRET’s Han Sunhwa and BAP’s Youngjae release duet song

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SECRET‘s Han Sunhwa and B.A.P‘s main vocalist Youngjae collaborated for a duet song. TS Entertainment uploaded Han Sunhwa and Youngjae’s duet song Everything is Pretty (다 예뻐) at noon on December 27. As they revealed their song, they also shared a selca of the two.

Youngjae put forth his husky yet sweet voice in this love song and melted the hearts of many female fans all around the world. Han Sunhwa has stirred jealousy in her virtual husband Gwanghee for the We Got Married program, as she worked with Youngjae. In the selca and music video, the two are a very loving couple.

Seems like Gwanghee will be very jealous for a while, and fans are very much looking forward to their activities.

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