SEVENTEEN Unleashes Sneak Peek To “An Ode” Album Comeback With Highlight Medley And Tracklist

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SEVENTEEN is out to make Carats all over the world shake with excitement as they further prepare for their next comeback!

After serving fans with a visual buffet through their teaser photos, SEVENTEEN has laid out the previews for their upcoming booming comeback which promises a “hit sound” like no other!

Following the release of four teaser photo sets which contained an overload of visuals that made Carats swoon, the thirteen-member put the focus on the new music they aim to offer with their upcoming album An Ode. Set for release on September 16, An Ode marks their third full album following Love & Letter in 2016 and Teen, Age in 2017.

On September 9, they first gave fans a clue on what kind of music to expect from SEVENTEEN’s newest album by unveiling its tracklist. Containing a rich roster of eleven tracks, the group’s third full album will be headlined by the title track “Fear”.

As usual from the self-producing idol group, all tracks from the album saw the active participation of multiple members in its music production, composition, arrangement, and lyric making processes. An Ode will also contain a song from each of SEVENTEEN’s esteemed sub-units – plus a track titled “Network Love” which features members Joshua, Jun, The8, and Vernon.

Fans are also excited upon seeing that An Ode will have the Korean version of “Happy Ending”, which was earlier released as their first-ever Japanese single in May 2019. Their previously-released digital single “HIT” which enthralled fans is also included in the album.

Highlight Medley

The group further amplified the excitement for An Ode by previewing the melodies of its eleven tracks through a highlight medley reveal on September 10 at midnight KST. Serving as the background of the songs’ short snippets, SEVENTEEN also revealed the behind-the-scene photos during their album jacket filming for the highlight medley.

Catching fans’ attention, “Fear” seems to paint the group’s darker side and more mature charms. It also showcases a heavy bass sound just like “HIT”. The same feature can be said for the track “Lie Again”, which falls under the urban pop style genre.

In contrast, “Let Me Hear You Say” packages itself as a sweet serenade, along with the cheerful youth hymn sound of “Lucky”. Both the tracks “Snap Shoot” and “Happy Ending” also paint joyful emotions through its upbeat and very catchy rhythm.

Meanwhile, the performance unit’s song “247” left fans excited with its addictive melody which portrays a strong image as expected from the team. The vocal unit’s track “Second Life” also seemed to be another astounding showcase of the group’s vocalists’ prowess and abilities, while the hip hop unit’s song “Back It Up” contains the team’s distinct personality and swag.

All in all, An Ode seems to set the bar higher for SEVENTEEN as they showcase their musical growth yet again which further amplifies fans’ curiosity towards their new set of songs.

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Source: Pledis Entertainment, Hanguk Ilbo


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