SEVENTEEN’s Jun Tugs Hearts With Emotional Music Video For Digital Single “Silent Boarding Gate”

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Beautiful and bittersweet — those are the two perfect words to describe the newest music from SEVENTEEN’s Jun.

SEVENTEEN’s Jun released an aesthetically pleasing music video for his newest digital single “Silent Boarding Gate”, on February 14.

The SEVENTEEN member sang with his soul in the poignant ballad solo track “Silent Boarding Gate”. Evoking emotions from every heartbreaks and regrets one has gone through, the singer tugged listeners hearts with his pensive performance.

The music video portrayed the great moments he had with someone he loves — from aimlessly wandering the fields, cozy coffee shop hangouts, to a romantic rooftop date. And as the clip draw to a close, it transitioned to the scenes where he was left all alone in the very same places they went to.

Putting the spotlight to his soothing and delicate vocals, SEVENTEEN’s Jun emotionally sang the heartbreaking words “At the boarding gate, what path should I take?/ I’m the one who is unable to let go/ A path is present, yet I don’t have the heart to walk on it/ How long would it take to be able to say I am okay.” The lyrics intricately capture the pain of being held back by the harrowing past.

In its sentimental rhythm, the audiences were able to feel ruminative about the choices they have made in the past. Subtle and heart wrenching, the song also inspires about braving the path towards the future with a positive perspective, and that if we cannot escape from the distant past, there will come a time when we will be able to finally say that we’re okay.

The dreamy music video, packed with warm-toned aesthetics, provides a sentimental listening experience, fitting the melancholy brought by the song’s very own melody.

Watch the music video for “Silent Boarding Gate” by SEVENTEEN’s Jun below:

Image: Screengrabs from Pledis Entertainment

Video: Pledis Entertainment