SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, Seungkwan, Jun & Jeonghan Shone With Their Stunning Youthful Faces In “Heng:garæ” Teaser Photos

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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, Seungkwan, Jun, & Jeonghan flaunted their picture-perfect visuals in their last set of individual teaser photos.

SEVENTEEN members Mingyu, Seungkwan, Jun, and Jeonghan projected their mesmerizing visuals in the scenic and aesthetic teaser photos.

Starring in various breathtaking settings—from the gorgeous horizon, bustling streets, cozy caravan to the bowling alley, the members artistically presented their youthful dreams.

For his solo snapshot, Mingyu showed his finest facial features and golden physique. Demonstrating different youthful appearances, the rapper also heralded grandeur and poise. While enjoying the comfort and solace, Mingyu displayed his undying love and passion for photography in the photo.

Exuding warmth and gentleness, the rapper maximized his captivating charms as he sat under the warm lighting of the camping car. He also flaunted a charismatic smile that made Carats’ hearts flutter.

Seungkwan showed an image that contrasts his bright and bubbly personality by casting a fanciful look and soft slight smile. Charming his way through Carats’ hearts, Seungkwan paraded his ethereal visuals. While striking various poses in the photos, he also donned fashionable outfits that perfectly suit him.

While making sure fans have fallen in love with his handsome face, Jun brings a cozy and fascinating mood by restfully reading a book. Conveying a subtle sense of freedom from the lush background to the vast seascape and camper van, Jun celebrated his vibrant youth freely.

Through his eye-catching teaser photos, Jeonghan never failed to manifest his angelic and sweet face. He also served fans varied facial expressions that showed off his glamorous and alluring looks. Jeonghan got in harmony with the glorious and serene summer as well by exuding his profound and aesthetic facial features.

While their highly-anticipated comeback gets nearer, SEVENTEEN has finished giving individual previews. Prior to these individual teaser photos, video trailers featuring hiphop, performance, and vocal unit were unveiled. The group also increased fans’ excitement by releasing the music video of “My My”.

Recently, SEVENTEEN’s seventh mini-album Henggarae topped various online music sales sites even before its official release. Through the group’s extraordinary ripple power, it earned stocks pre-order of 1.06 million album copies. Thus, granting SEVENTEEN the “million seller” title.

Moreover, SEVENTEEN’s continuous musical growth and relentless record journey is evident through the group’s accomplishments. It is also noteworthy what extraordinary achievements they will achieve with their album this time.

Source: Starnews

Photos From Pledis Entertainment

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