SEVENTEEN Goes On A Journey Closer To Their Dreams In “My My” Music Video

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Fans have gone “My My” through a surprising early treat from SEVENTEEN to Carats!

SEVENTEEN hyped fans with a surprise music video release of “My My”- a track included in their upcoming seventh mini-album [Heng:garæ].

Before the official release of their seventh mini-album [Heng:garæ] this coming June 22, SEVENTEEN revealed the music video of their track “My My”.

Incorporating buoyant sounds perfect for summer, “My My” reigns in warm and moderate colors that also manifests SEVENTEEN’s artistry in exploring adorned concepts.

The song imparts uplifting words that gives comfort in times of being discouraged. Conveying simple yet sincere words like “No need to rush, you’re doing fine/ Just stay as you are/ My journey starts with me”, the song provides warmth and a shoulder to lean on.

As they chase towards their dreams, SEVENTEEN tells their listeners to not be disheartened, because all the dark times won’t last. This heartwarming message was all evident in the lyrics “Keep in step/ Run away/ Even if it’s a dry desert it’s okay/ Clouds become umbrellas for the sunshine/ Oh I’m not alone”.

The entire music video also mirrors the nature of SEVENTEEN as a passionate and expressive idol group, who are full of endless dreams and possesses positive outlook towards the future.

Moreover, the music video of “My My” put the spotlight onto the song verses—unlike their usual music videos which are full of dance steps.

“My life is a journey/ Fly over the sea, spread our wings of dreams/ The weight of happiness can’t be measured by anyone” are inspiring lines that speak about how they keep on reaching their dreams and telling to live life at our own pace.

Check out the music video of “My My” below:

Photos and Video from Pledis Entertainment

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