SEVENTEEN Kicks Off Summer With Youthful And Lively “Heng:garæ” Group Photos

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SEVENTEEN tossed their splendid and crowning youth in the air for everyone to see in their stunning snapshots!

On June 16, SEVENTEEN finally unveiled their long-awaited set of group photos through various social media platforms. Prior to this, they consecutively released individual teaser photos consisting of four members each day.

As the new season starts rolling, SEVENTEEN dove into summer and gathered together on the white sandy beach. While their faces shone with glowing smiles like a summer sunrise, the thirteen members stood barefooted and enjoyed the golden moment.

Decorating the group snapshot with their radiant and innocent faces, all members smiled and stared at the camera in the most charming and refreshing way possible. The afternoon sun that bathed and embraced them with warmth resonated with what their journey is all about.

In the next group photo, the members took off into a summer night trip and enjoyed each other’s company. While showing mellow and homely gazes, some of the members took a warm sip from their cups. The cool summer night breeze matched with a mini bonfire definitely warmed up the atmosphere as well.

Clad in chic and casual attire, SEVENTEEN exuded fine and unique charisma while flaunting their most stylish selves. Looking like exquisite fashion magazine models, the members also unfolded their joyous youthful days as spirited boys through the basketball gymnasium backdrop.

Previously, the group has presented various contents including the music video of “My My“. The members also revealed their individual thoughts and sentiments through the unit trailers. It resembled an autobiographical story in a videotape form. The trailers mainly focused on the topic of their journey towards their dreams.

Expectation and anticipation begin to rise as the highly-awaited return of SEVENTEEN draws nearer. The viewers, listeners and the fans as well are becoming curious of what story will be told through their new song and album.

Prior to the album’s official release on June 22, their seventh mini-album Henggarae topped various online music sales sites. It also earned a stock pre-order record of 1.06 million album copies that hailed SEVENTEEN as a million seller group.

Their comeback on June 22 marks their return since the release of An Ode in September last year.

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