SEVENTEEN Unveils An Inspiring Teaser Video + “Semicolon” Official Comeback Date

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SEVENTEEN builds nothing but intense intrigue and anticipation in the first video preview for their exciting comeback this month!

Popular boy group SEVENTEEN definitely took fans by surprise as they release the newest teaser video for their upcoming album Semicolon.

The group left spectators speechless as they embark on a bold yet majestic concept change in their forthcoming musical release.

Released on October 5 at 12 AM KST, the sneak peek perfectly captured SEVENTEEN’s breathtaking visuals and distinct manly auras.


Beginning with a puzzling atmosphere coupled with a heart-thumping yet hopeful melody, the 41-second clip first showcased the members’ overflowing charisma as they cover their faces with hats.

While donning technicolored and 70s-inspired suits that scream confidence, SEVENTEEN portrayed their mature sides while posing in a classy yet alluring manner.


Signaling the start of a new era, Joshua receives a special invite containing the words “The Invitation For Youth; Semicolon,” representing the overall theme of their comeback.

The group’s resident visuals Mingyu and Jeonghan were then shown running away from something unidentifiable, whilst inside a rustic train.

Merging black and white imagery, Wonwoo and Dino’s mesmerizing facial expressions further caught fans’ attention as they search for something significant inside the train.

While perfectly portraying a retro and fun-filled vibe, the members then flaunted their unique chemistry as they celebrate together over drinks and a bowling game.

The setting, which includes a dramatic use of film-like effects, stirs up anticipation and adds to the overall appeal of the group’s concept.



Wonwoo, Woozi and Scoups also appear alone in the video, while opening various invitations that contain short but comforting messages.

Notably, the messages include the words “Work Hard,” “Play Hard” and “Rest Hard,” which gives fans hope and encouragement during these tough times.

Towards the end of the video, the members eventually throw the hats that cover their faces, revealing their enthralling looks and piercing gazes.

Moreover, SEVENTEEN also appears happily toasting amidst subtle yet attractive lighting and vintage-looking backdrop that resembles a circus.

Capping off in the most impressive way possible, the video then flashed phrase “Take a long break, there’s a long journey ahead of you”.


The simple yet moving words that seemingly capture the whole message of the album caught the attention of many fans all around the world.

With a preview of mysterious yet appealing magnitude, CARATs can expect a sincere celebration of youth and nostalgia when the whole video drops.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN will release their newest special album Semicolon on October 19 at 6 PM KST.

Source: SEVENTEEN’s Official Youtube Channel

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