SF9’s Dawon Shares Enlistment Plans

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SF9’s Dawon has revealed his military enlistment date, leaving fans in anticipation and heartfelt farewells.

On May 21st, SF9’s Dawon officially announced his upcoming military enlistment, set to begin his service as an active duty soldier on July 1st. This news comes after much anticipation from FANTASY, SF9’s devoted fanbase, who have eagerly awaited updates on Dawon’s enlistment since the release of the group’s thirteenth mini album, “Sequence,” back in January.

As one of SF9’s beloved members, Dawon’s enlistment marks a significant moment for both the group and their fans. While his absence will undoubtedly be felt, FANTASY stands united in their support for Dawon as he fulfills his mandatory military duty.

Throughout his time with SF9, Dawon has showcased not only his vocal and performance abilities but also his charisma and charm, endearing himself to fans worldwide. As he prepares to embark on this new chapter, FANTASY remains steadfast in their love and admiration for Dawon, eagerly awaiting his return and continuing to support SF9 as they navigate this period of transition.

July 1st will mark the beginning of Dawon’s military service, but his impact and legacy within SF9 and the K-pop industry will undoubtedly endure, serving as a source of inspiration for both his fellow members and fans alike.

Read the full statement below:


This is FNC Entertainment.

We want to share some news about SF9’s Dawon’s military enlistment.

Dawon will join the military as an active duty soldier on July 1. To avoid overcrowding at the enlistment site, there won’t be any official event held that day.

Since this is a private event for military personnel, we kindly request that fans refrain from visiting the site. We appreciate your cooperation.

We sincerely thank you for your love and support for SF9’s Dawon. Please continue to support him until he safely completes his service and returns in good health.


Source: SF9 FanCafe

Image Credits: FNC Entertainment