SF9’s Hwiyoung to Make Solo Debut This Month

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SF9’s Hwiyoung has unveiled the concept photo for his debut solo album.

On the 12th, FNC Entertainment, Hwiyoung’s agency, shared the first concept photo for his single album Traveling Fish on their official social media platforms.

In the photo, Hwiyoung captivates with his refreshing visuals.

His clear eyes, tousled hair, and relaxed demeanor evoke a sense of youthful excitement, reminiscent of a coming-of-age film, heightening anticipation for his solo debut.

Hwiyoung’s first solo album is set to release on June 20th.

Titled Traveling Fish, the album narrates the story of a young person who falls in love and journeys freely through the ‘Sea of Love.’

It portrays various scenes of youth experiencing love, heartbreak, and new beginnings, conveying the courage to embrace any challenge.

All tracks from Hwiyoung’s debut album Traveling Fish and the music video for the title song “IT IS L0VE ♥” will be available on major music platforms at 6 PM on the 20th.