SF9’s Inseong Showcases His Dulcet Vocals In Melodious Rendition Of “You Were Beautiful” By DAY6

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The mellifluous voice of SF9’s Inseong and DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful”: two of our all-time favourites have come together for just one video.

Bringing on a lovely musical treat, SF9’s Inseong crooned everyone with a serenade of “You Were Beautiful” by DAY6 on May 30.

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“Beautiful” is an understatement to describing how the SF9 vocalist carried the classic DAY6 hit in his own style for his latest song cover upload. Matching the melodious 2017 track very well, Inseong’s captivating vocals soulfully sailed through the entire song.

His soft and gentle voice also made the listening experience extra soothing, just like the original version of the song itself. Moreover, his connection with the song and emotion was indeed very lovely and drew fans in further. The SF9 member also showed his fantastic hold when it comes to song delivery through his “You Were Beautiful” rendition.

Meanwhile, the cover video showed Inseong at the studio while recording the song, and this simple setting effectively directed everyone’s attention to the singer’s dulcet vocals instead.

“Hi there! Professional commenter Inseong is back!! Today I got a new cover song for u guys. Did my best and I hope you like it,” the SF9 member wrote, along with recommending that fans wear earphones while listening.

Watch the lovely rendition of DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful” by SF9’s Inseong below:

Video from FNC