SF9 Drops Beautiful Teasers In Mythical Theme For Its February Comeback

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SF9 makes us fall in love as it set the theme of Narcissus, a dark muse, who loved himself than any other for its comeback.

For the month of love, SF9 members are coming back with their new album Narcissus. The sixth mini album will be released on February 20 at 6:00 p.m. KST.

With the teaser image and schedules out on February 11, the album yielded excitement from FANTASYs around the world. Additionally, an official teaser site was opened by FNC Entertainment for the upcoming events of SF9.

SF9 Teaser Image of Narcissus

Photo from SF9 Twitter


As the album name suggests, SF9 is keen to redefine “narcissism” with a stunning work that is mind-blowing. It takes the approach of mature narcissism that speaks about those who lose their self-esteem needs to love themselves the way they are. The term “Narcissus” is derived from the Greek mythology. Narcissus, a handsome hunter who loved everything beautiful also loved himself so much, that it resulted to putting an end to his life.

The teaser site screens a water surface, representing the historic scene from the myth. Fragments of broken mirror being shattered raises cryptic tone on what lies ahead for the boys in their comeback. The pictorial representation highlights two shades of shallow light and deep darkness with words “Temptation” and “Emptiness” written on right and left.

Without a notice, SF9 decided to steal the hearts of their beloved fans by releasing an unexpected group teaser picture. Garbed in rouge clothing, swag style, flawless faces and intense glares, the boys defeated the most handsome Narcissus of Greek mythology.

Photo from SF9 Twitter

Comeback Schedule

Schedule of the comeback lines up activities from February 11th to 20th. Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Rowoon, Zuho, Taeyang, Hwiyoung, and Chani are ready to roll the dice for the first time this year. The album will be out with two versions “Temptation” and “Emptiness” with respective teasers to entertain the fans more.

SF9 continuously gains popularity especially after Chani and Rowoon’s effective participation in the field of acting. Moreover, the idol-actors have paved ways in bringing a lot of new fans through their charisma. It is noteworthy that the other members, who met the fans diligently during the inactive period, will all come together for the latest album’s activities.

Photo from SF9 Twitter

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