SF9’s Taeyang and EXO’s Kai Made Their Fans’ Hearts’ Flutter With Recent Interaction

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SF9’s Taeyang posted a photo of him and EXO’s Kai doing their own fandom’s gesture, and the fans are happy about it!

On July 11, SF9 Taeyang posted several photos with EXO Kai on his Instagram and wrote, “So Happy Today! Thank U KAI!” in a post.

Taeyang also said “Kai sunbaenim, it was an honor! I will always support you as a big fan! Thank you for your time!”

EXO Kai and SF9 Taeyang

In the picture, Taeyang and Kai make gestures to symbolize their fan club, EXO-L and FANTASY.

It’s a heartwarming sight to make the trademark gestures together for each other’s fans. On top of that is the beauty radiating from the two idols.

Although they are over 180cm tall, the tips of their fingers are beautiful because they contain their love for their fans.

Taeyang was smiling like a shy boy in a dizzying costume with black contrasting pink hair and a boldly exposed waistline.

Kai is showing off his neatly combed hairstyle in a check-pattered “prince” suit from Gucci, where he’s an ambassador.

What stands out is Kai’s forehead which draws an elegant line that is clearly revealed due to his combed hair.

EXO Kai and SF9 Taeyang

SF9 Taeyang is a big EXO Kai fan

It is no exaggeration to say that Taeyang’s ‘fan sentiment’ towards Kai within the fandom is known.

Taeyang has also consistently said that his role model is EXO Kai, and is famous for making sure to cover and upload songs from Kai’s solo albums.

The fans of the two idols said,

“No, is this a possible shot?”

“What’s with the familiar names catching my eyes? I love that there are two tall, handsome, pretty people standing in England.”

“Yoo Taeyang mentiond Kai almost 880,000 times. He said he wanted to support him 880,000 percent of the time.”

Meanwhile, SF9, to which Taeyang belongs is currently in the UK to attend the HALLYU POP FESTIVAL in London.

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Image source: SF9 Taeyang’s Instagram