SF9’s Zuho Comforts Fans With Heartfelt New Self-Produced Solo Song “Attic”

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SF9’s Zuho comforts the hearts of Fantasy with a song he poured his heart into – making it one of the most beautiful masterpieces in the world.

SF9’s Zuho shared another special gift to his fans as he finally released the new song he has been working on – and it was a heavenly delight to listen to!

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Departing from his usual fire-spitting, rap god mode for a while, the SF9 member showed a different side to him once again as he delivered a smooth new song to fans on November 10!

Titled “Attic (literal translation)”, the dreamy and soothing track also featured the wispy vocals of Sogumm. Together with her, Zuho wrote the lyrics, composed the music, and produced the song himself – showing his round of talents as a musician once again.

Moreover, the song showed the thoughtfulness of the rapper towards his fans as well – all through the message conveyed by its beautiful and comforting lyrics.

“Every person has problems, worries, wounds, pain, and more. I’m happy that in the place, which I personally call the attic, I can ease the pain and figure out those things that you can’t just talk about to anyone together with the people I trust. I sincerely hope that you can also find your own attic, where you can lessen the pain, the burden, and everything else with the people you trust too! And I can also be that person for you. I hope that it would make you feel a bit better after listening to this song,” he wrote in the song’s description, putting into words exactly what he wants to say with his newest masterpiece.

Check out “Attic” by SF9’s Zuho featuring Sogumm below:

“Attic” is also uploaded on Zuho’s SoundCloud account.

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