SF9’s Inseong, Jaeyoon And Youngbin Share The Music Concepts They Want To Try With Each Other

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SF9’s dapper members Inseong, Jaeyoon and Youngbin go for a stylish yet laid-back concept for their unit pictorial with The Star Magazine!

SF9’s Inseong, Jaeyoon and Youngbin strongly join hands to flutter FANTASYs’ hearts in a stunning and fashionable photoshoot with The Star Magazine.

Inseong Jaeyoon Youngbin   

Giving off a dark yet alluring atmosphere, the tall and handsome idols exhibit an alluring and enthralling image, while garbed in comfy muscle tees and shirts with loud prints.

Shot against plain backdrops with vibrant red neon lights, the artists are simply breathtaking as they strike various unconventional poses that fit the theme of the shoot.

Stealing fans’ attention even more, Inseong, Jaeyoon and Youngbin prove their astounding projecting skills with their striking facial expressions. Their sleek hairstyles and incredible styling also add much more appeal to the daring photos. 

The idols’ deep and piercing gazes have the power to melt everyone’s hearts, not just only FANTASYs. The remarkable photoshoot proves that they can perfectly pull off any concept and that they are really versatile as singers and as artists in general.


Inseong, who is basically one of the mood makers of the group, shared that he liked all of the stage outfits they wore on their recent “Tear Drop” comeback promotions but one of them really stood out.

“I like the outfits that are all locked in the front and have the back dug out when you turn around,” he said.

When asked about what kind of concept they want to try with their fellow members if in any case they will be given an opportunity to form a unit with some of them and eventually release an album, Inseong stated, “I want to try the ultimate concept of cuteness that no one expected.”

Meanwhile, Youngbin went for a complete opposite answer saying, “I want to release an emotional ballad suitable for spring and autumn.”

FANTASYs can know more about Inseong, Jaeyoon and Youngbin’s iconic photoshoot and see more of their fantastic photos by grabbing a copy of The Star Magazine‘s August issue. You can also visit the magazine’s official YouTube account and other SNS channels.

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Photos from The Star Magazine

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