#SHINee10thAnniversary: Shawols And SM Artists Celebrate 10 Shining Years Of SHINee

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Happy 10th Anniversary, SHINee!

Ten years ago today, Onew, Key, Jong Hyun, Minho, and Taemin came together to become SHINee, the shining stars of  SM Entertainment and the K-Pop world.

They are trendsetters of K-Pop who impressed with their musicality and personality.

They were the formidable boy group who overcame the seven-year curse and stayed together.

Still, the road, as always, was never smooth. The boy group had its fair share of downs but Onew, Key, Jong Hyun, Minho, and Taemin managed to move forward.

They kept moving forward and showed their strength, not only as a group, but more so as individuals.

They are family, the members said in their recent interview — a declaration proven by time and trying moments.

Before March 28 comes and the world says SHINee’s back with The Story of Light, we, together with Shawols and SM artists all over the world, celebrate the boy group’s ten shining years together in this compilation of well-wishes, sweet memories, and love.

“SMTown will always support SHINee’s bright future and upcoming album.”

“I hope SHINee who I like will shine even more in the future.”


“I’ll always cheer and support you guys, my shining SHINee.”


“To the group that’s celebrating their 10th anniversary!”


“I will always support SHINee.”

“Let’s walk on together from now on.”


“They’ve created their own success stories.”

“I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“How proud is their family of them.”

“Always be with you.”

“I wish that even in the future, we’ll continue to be together.”

“Thank you for showing me what love is.”

“Thank you for existing.”

“I love you and thank you.”

“The moment when SHINee and Shawols greeted each other will always remain one of my favorite things.”

“Always and forever”

“We love legends.”

“Powerful, mind-blowing, breath-taking SHINee.”

“Shining SHINee”

“They still chose to be together and support each other.”

“Congratulations, SHINee!”

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