SHINee Dropped First Colorful Teasers For “Don’t Call Me” Comeback

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SHINee begins countdown for their highly anticipated comeback for Don’t Call Me.

The wait is over as SHINee started unveiling their teasers for the group’s first comeback in over two years. The boys plan to share their colorful music through their seventh full album titled Don’t Call Me, and are already drawing the attention of music lovers everywhere.


Starting February 9, the group dropped its first teasers, drawing attention from fans everywhere. The bright colors of the photos and their setting raised further questions about the new concept that the idols will be presenting.


In addition to the pictures, the artists also unveiled a mood sampler called “Fake Reality”. The vivid clip intrigued with a mysterious old phone model that kept ringing without even being wired properly.

A couple more puzzling shots caught the eyes, while portrayed as if they were the most normal thing. Also, the English message near the end, “In this area, some of my beliefs become a fantasy and some of my fantasies become a belief” sparked even more curiosity for the comeback.

ARS Promotion

The group plans to continue releasing teasers in the following days. Fans can expect to see a lot more concept photos, character and music video teasers. Also, through the special ARS promotion SHINee is Calling, the idols will deliver new content every week. That includes SHINee’s TMI and the album’s Highlight Medley.

This new promotion began from January 31, revealing a special SHINee Hotline for both Korean and overseas fans. Specifically, for a whole week, through a special event, fans were able to listen to the members’ voices and leave them direct messages. As soon as the hotline opened, it gathered a lot of calls, proving the boys’ immense popularity.

From February 9 to 14, new voice messages will be unveiled as part of SHINee’s TMI, aiming to bring more excitement among fans.

Meanwhile, SHINee will release its seventh album Don’t Call Me on February 22.

Source: HeraldCorp, SM Entertainment
Image credit: SM Entertainment