SHINee Matches The Beauty Of Flowers In 4th Set Of Teasers For “Don’t Call Me”

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SHINee unveiled ethereal beauty in the fourth set of teaser images!

Each day, we are gifted with new concept photos from SHINee and each day they surprise and raise our anticipation. With no exception, the fourth revealed images took our breath away with the members’ unrivaled beauty.


On February 12, more surprising teasers came to light and we were not ready. The idols looked like they were taken out of a painting, especially the pictures with beautiful blue flowers. Above all, the artists’ striking transformation drew attention from fans everywhere.

With their captivating gazes and visuals that can rival the pretty flowers, the boys showed off magnificent and mysterious auras.  Moreover, they all emitted that professional and confident idol feel, raising expectations for their comeback.

Previously, the group shared colorful teaser images which stimulated the imagination. Along with them, they revealed a mood sampler called “Fake Reality”, which showed more mysterious and unique scenes.

SHINee will continue to drop its concept photos, followed by character and music video teasers. In addition, through their ARS promotion, fans will get a sneak peek into their Highlight Medley, starting February 15 to 21.

The new album Don’t Call Me will include nine tracks that will show SHINee’s unique musical colors. The title song of the same name is a hip hop dance piece, in which the members’ vocals will portray hysterical emotions.

Fans undoubtedly missed hearing and seeing their favorite group’s music and the wait is about to be over. Attention is focused on the type of sound the performers will release into the world after more than two years.

Meanwhile, SHINee plans to release its seventh album Don’t Call Me and its new music video on February 22.

Source & Image credit: SM Entertainment