Shinhwa tops charts with ‘This Love’

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Shinhwa is back with a new album, The Classic, and a new chart topper This Love.

Last week, Lee Hyori rolled over the charts and scored an explosive Perfect All Kill with Miss Korea which went on to top the weekly Gaon charts with an impressive 38 million DA. However this week, she relinquished her lead to 4Minute and Roy Kim. The two artists have been battling for the past four days without anyone able to overcome the other but were however brushed away by the joint release of Seo In Young and Vibe. However it should only be a matter of hours before Shinhwa takes the lead with This Love. Their latest title-track is currently topping six real-time charts and well positioned on the other five.

While it is too early to call for success, it should be noted that very few male idols top multiple charts upon release. With six real-time charts topped, Shinhwa scored what some media outlets call an All Kill, though it should not be confused with Instiz certified All Kill when an artist has to top not only five charts simultaneously but all 22 existing charts (11 real-times + 11 daily charts).

Congratulations to the legendary idol group Shinhwa for the current achievement!




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