Short But Sweet: DPR Live Returns With Single “Playlist”

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DPR Live never disappoints. His new track “Playlist” showcases the wonders a well-executed music video can do to an amazing track.

DPR Live

“Playlist” (Photo Credit: Dream Perfect Regime – YouTube)

On Tuesday, June 12, DPR Live returns with fresh single “Playlist”. The track expresses the the main character’s wish to keep the girl in his “playlist”. This highlights a similarity to DPR Live’s previous track, “Action!”, which asks the girl to be the Emma Stone in his movie.

When it comes to complementing already engaging tracks with visually appetizing music videos, DPR Live has always been impressive. And “Playlist” is no different. The music video features scenes shot from unique angles, and that creates a pleasing visual guide that accompanies the track.

“Playlist” is less than three minutes long, relatively shorter compared to tracks that usually last for three to four minutes. But its complementary music video successfully brands “Playlist” as a short but sweet work.

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DPR Live

“Playlist” (Photo Credit: Dream Perfect Regime – YouTube)

DPR Live, stage name for Hong Da-bin, takes on hip-hop and R&B as his major music genre. On March 2017, DPR Live made his debut through EP Coming to You Live. Said EP features well-known names in the Korean Hip-hop and R&B scene, such as Crush, Dean, and Jay Park.

DPR Live is known not only for his distinct vocals, but also the aesthetically pleasing music videos that accompany his tracks. To date, he has released two EPs and seven singles.

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