Singer songwriter Lel releases his first EP album

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Singer songwriter Lel (를) releases his first EP album titled M (ㅁ)on December 28th.

Lel is still an unfamiliar name to most but his music may sound familiar as the singer songwriter has worked with various artists before including Kim Yeonwoo, Kim Bumsoo, Baek Ayeon, Huh Gak, Ivy, 2AM, 2PM, Miss A, Navi, A-Pink and many more.

He is an artist that does not forget the ‘grammar’ of music. He creates trendy idol pops yet keeps the customs of the 90’s music. You can check out the variation in his music world through the album. Lel’s song has unique lyrics and arrangements, and he expresses new and strange sound arrangements.

The title song is an unique song that is said to explain Lel himself very well musically. The strange and dynamic sounds allow Lel’s delicate voice to stand out even more from the emotional lyrics. He uses metaphysical message in the song to create a lively and bright melody.

Lel or 를 by itself in the Korean language has no meaning but has an important role as it is a word that can connect one word to the next. The reason why he chose to name himself Lel, was to connect people’s hearts with music just as the word 를 does.

Check out his song here:

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Source: news and photo-Naver Music; video-lel1924

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