SISTAR topping music charts with ‘Give It To Me’

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SISTAR is topping the music charts with their latest song Give It To Me.

On June 10 SISTAR released their music video for Give It To Me. The following day on June 11, they released their dual-titled second album. Ever since the release of their title track, they have been topping the charts, ranking in the top five on most of the charts.

On Melon Charts and Instiz Charts, they’re ranked number one. On Naver Music, they’re number three. On Olleh Music and Daum Music, they’re ranked number two. Also, not only their title track but two other songs were ranked in the top 10 on Instiz Charts, Bad Boy is ranked seventh and The Way You Make Me Melt is ranked eighth. Bad Boy and The Way You Make Me Melt also made the top 100 for a few of the music charts. As you can tell, this song and album is doing very well.

Congratulations to SISTAR!

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