SM Entertainment Remembers SHINee’s Jong Hyun With “Before Our Spring” MV

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“Before Our Spring” MV is a poignant but beautiful tribute to SHINee’s Kim Jong Hyun.

Singer-songwriter Kim Jong Hyun spent his teenage years under the wings of the SM Entertainment, founded by Lee Soo Man, as a trainee before debuting in 2008 as a member of SHINee.

For the whole duration of his career in the K-Pop industry, Jong Hyun did not leave SM until his death last December 18 at the age of 27.

Following his passing, SM posted a photo along with a brief message in memory of the SHINee member on December 19.

“Jong Hyun, who loved music more than anyone, who enjoyed performing on stage, and who loved communicating with his fans through music, is the best artist. We will always remember him,” the message said.

On January 23, more than a month since Jong Hyun’s passing, SM released his second and final studio Poet Artist, which consisted 11 tracks.

At the same day, the music video for its lead track “Shinin'” also came out, garnering more than four million views as of press time.

Fans called the singer-songwriter’s posthumous album a “masterpiece”, and praised his artistry.

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Before Our Spring

On January 24, the music video of “Before Our Spring” was released. It contained clips and behind-the-scene footage of Jong Hyun throughout his career as SHINee’s main vocal.

The video began with a talking and laughing clip of Jong Hyun. Most of the clips feature the singer-songwriter smiling and laughing during concerts and shoots, and with his fans.

Fans applauded SM for a beautiful tribute to the SHINee member, and thanked the company for being considerate and handling the passing of Jong Hyun “as humanly as possible.”

“They have been very considerate and showed nothing but love and respect to him, to his family, to us, since then,” a fan wrote.

Other fans also cautioned others to “watch it when you are ready” as it may be emotionally unbearable. Some fans shared crying and finding comfort while watching the music video.

Fans also took the opportunity to express their gratitude and love for the singer-songwriter.

All proceeds from the Poet Artist will be used for the creation of a charitable foundation by Jong Hyun’s mother to help people in need.

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