SNSD’s Hyoyeon Demonstrates Her Philosophical Perspective About Focusing The Good Things In Life

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SNSD’s main dancer Hyoyeon is definitely aging backwards and her recent pictorial with Cosmopolitan Korea is a solid proof!

Hyoyeon of phenomenal girl group SNSD has displayed a fresh and vibrant appearance in her latest luxe-themed photoshoot with Cosmopolitan Korea.

Showing off her applaudable projecting skills, the veteran idol showed a queen-like and vibrant image while garbed in various elegant outfits.


One of the photos shows the idol wearing a pink-colored puffy coat, which perfectly complemented her milky white skin tone. 

Shot against plain settings, Hyoyeon further nailed the pictorial concept with her bright smile as well as chic and versatile poses. She perfectly encapsulated the vibe of the summer season with her radiant and endless beauty.

Her visuals and energy are definitely at its peak while her gorgeous facial features are standing out without her trying hard. Though the concept was a little extravagant, Hyoyeon managed to make many heads turn primarily because of her graceful and versatile appeal.

While donning sweet facial expressions and subtle gazes, the idol was able to make the shoot more remarkable. Her natural makeup look perfectly fit the vibrant mood that she was trying to exhibit.


Hyoyeon is on her 30s now, but it seems like she is never getting older. This is because she takes good care of herself, from her mind down to her body. 

The idol said that she does not delve deeply into what other people say about her. Instead, she tries to focus on the good things and her own perspective.

“It’s something like, ‘Whoever talks to me, I have a clear inner subjectivity, so I’ll live well without crossing the line’. Even at the beginning of my debut, the members looked at me and called me a ‘free soul’,” she said.

Sharing details about her upcoming comeback, Hyoyeon stated that she gets to choose the concept and genre when she is working solo. She even added that her new song will be a little different from the strong image she has shown before. 

She stated, “It seems to be a song with a sense of the seasons. It feels very exciting and colorful, right?”

When asked about the activities she wants to do the most these days, Hyoyeon said ““The thing I want to do the most is to perform on stage. These days, sometimes I look for concert tour videos. At the time, I thought it was normal, but now, I am so desperate.” 

Fans can see more glamorous photos and know more about Hyoyeon’s fun interview by grabbing a copy of the August 2021 edition of Cosmopolitan Korea and by visiting the magazine’s official website and SNS accounts.


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Photos from Cosmopolitan Korea