Song Ji Eun releases controversial new song ‘Don’t Look At Me Like That’

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SECRET member Song Ji Eun has just released music video for her solo come back Don’t Look At Me Like That.

The single has slowly climbed up the charts after being released today, ranking at number 20 on South Korean music charts, Melon and Bugs.

Her previous solo comeback “False Hope” did very well on the digital charts, as it had been downloaded more than 150,000 times.

The music video is rather dark and has a very unique concept that catches the viewers attention. As said by her reps, ‘Don’t Look At Me Like That has a rather controversial, experimental lyrics about love between the same gender, different races, different ages and other possibly prejudiced and stereotyped relationships.

If you haven’t seen the intriguing music video yet, watch it below.

The music video is rather enchanting and the whole feel and look of the music video looks like a well constructed and planned out photo shoot.

Here are some stills from the music video that we think can become a pictorial for a magazine.

Sources: Info – Pop Justice, Melon & Bugs.

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