South Korean Indie Band SURL Drops New Single “ringringring”

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SURL has released their new single “ringringring” along with an accompanying music video.

This marks their second release of the year, following the single “Hypnosis” in March 2024.

In 2023, SURL had a busy year, starting with a North American tour that spanned 13 cities in the US and Canada in April, elevating their presence on the global stage.

This was followed by a six-city tour in Asia, a “Korea Spotlight” showcase in Mexico, and additional shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

SURL, a four-member band from South Korea, features vocalist and guitarist Seol Hoseung, guitarist Kim Doyeon, bassist Lee Hanbin, and drummer Oh Myeongsuk. They debuted in 2018 and have gained recognition both domestically and internationally for their catchy songs, exceptional musicianship, and sincere lyrics. Known for their genre-blending tracks, SURL has expanded the indie scene in South Korea and collaborated with hip-hop artists Jay Park and Hash Swan.

Since their debut, SURL has performed globally through various tours and participated in notable international festivals such as SXSW in the US, Canadian Music Week in Canada, Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, LUCfest in Taiwan, Baybeats Festival in Singapore, and Big Mountain Music Festival in Thailand.


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