South Korean celebrities help the W-Foundation raise money for climate refugees

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On the 11th of October, an international relief organisation called Wisdom For Future Foundation (W-Foundation) came together with an environmental  television  broadcaster to create a public campaign.

The public campaign that the W-Foundation released was a music video of a song called Talk About Love. This song was written to be a second Korean edition of the project album ‘We Are The World’ that had contributions from singers Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and other super stars, about 30 years ago.

Many actors, singers, broadcasters and models were appointed ambassadors for the public campaign by the W-Foundation. Some of the ambassadors included actors, Kim Soo Ro, Daniel Choi, Yeo Jin Gu, Kim Yoo Jung and Choi Yeo Jin, singers Kim Jong Kook, Bobby Kim, Seo In Young, Big Mama King, Dynamic Duo, Eddy Kim, U-KISS, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, KARA, 2BiC, Rainbow, Ulala Session and Boys Republic, broadcasters Jun Hyun Moo, Sam Hammington and Shin Su Ji and Models Shin Ji Hoon and Lee Hyun Yi.

The song was composed by producer Yoon Il Sang, and the total profit made from the song will be donated to help the climate refugees of Africa, Tanzania and Malawi.

Lee Wook, the current board president of W-Foundation said: “Now the sponsors aren’t really reacting to the hungry looks of children, but they are connecting to what interests them: a public profit.” He continued: “We’ll be making more emotional and fun public campaigns in the future.”

The song is now available on music charts like Melon and Bugs, so make sure to contribute and buy the song.

Watch and listen to the heart warming song below. See if you can spot all your favourite celebrities!

The W-Foundation’s first campaign video was also similar to the second as it had support from about 60 celebrities. The song If Love Earth, Take Action helped strongly towards the growth of the W-Foundation. Many big companies like Mahindra Group, Scheider Electric Korea, and SK Planet all became sponsors after watching the video that was put onto YouTube. After the growth of the W-Foundation, many celebrities also became honorary ambassadors. Currently there are over 200 celebrities that have been appointed honorary ambassador.

Since the first campaign, funding went up to 40 million. Recently, funding hit  90 million.

Watch the first campaign video that had help from artists like Insooni, Rainbow, Secret, B.A.P, Girls Day, Park Soo Jin, Min Hyo Rin, Honey Lee, Ahn Jae Hyun and Kim Hyun Soo:

Translations made by Angela Jiyun Kim

Source: (Info) – Chosun Ilbo

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