Soyou Reveals Behind-The-Scenes For “Good Night MY LOVE” Music Video

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Find out special behind-the-scenes and stories on how the heartfelt “Good Night MY LOVE” music video was made!

Soyou shares on her official social media accounts and YouTube channel the special behind-the-scenes and making for the music video of her new track “Good Night MY LOVE”.

The video contains a variety of images where you can feel the unexpected charm of owning something. Her emotional facial expressions and innocent visuals made the scene friendly with her unique easy-going charm. Additionally, despite the cold weather, Soyou proved herself a professional as she continued being immersed in her emotions.

“Good Night MY LOVE” is a song that Lee Hyori and Babylon participated in the writing and composition. These two music icons gave the song to Soyou as a gift.

In the behind-the-scenes video, she revealed that Lee Hyori told her how excited she was for Soyou to sing the song. Lee Hyori said, “I was excited because she wanted me to sing a song that encouraged people in this tight world.”

The actors who appeared in the music video also were in the behind-the-scenes video. Actor Lee Sojin, who is in a close relationship with Soyou, expressed her gratitude to the singer. “I had wished to have a chance to shoot a music video. But I’m grateful to be in Soyou’s music video.”

Actor Yeon Je Wook said, “I will continue to listen to Soyou’s songs and cheer for you.”

Particularly, Soyou reunited with her first acting teacher 10 years ago. In response, the acting teacher said with warmth, “I am more grateful.”

Lastly, Soyou expressed her gratefulness to those who helped her with the music video. She also asked her fans to show love to them as much as they’ve shown her.

Meanwhile, Soyou’s “Good Night MY LOVE” was very well-received for its warm-feeling guitar and piano sound. Lee Hyori’s lyrics gave off a soft tone and delicate sensibility, delivering comfortable healing to people who are tired during springtime.

PR and Image Source: Starship Entertainment

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