Standing Egg releases 3rd full album ‘Shine’

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Standing Egg released their 3rd full album Shine on October 4th. Their music is new yet still maintains their particular style.

It has been 3 years since Standing Egg debuted, and already the group has successfully made their way to be titled as one of Korea’s top acoustic musicians. This new album  features their acoustic sound but added a Brit-Pop feel in order to create a fresh new sound. The combination of the Brit-pop and acoustic sounds do not sound awkward but instead in a musical sense, this allows the group to bring a step forward.

Once Again MV

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In My Dream

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1) Runner’s High
2) In My Dream
3) 나 오늘따라
4) Once Again (With Han So-hyun of 3rd Coast) [title]
5) 있자나 궁금해 (With Ye-seul)
6) Keep Going
7) 먼지를 털어내고 (With Windy)
8) Never Forget You
9) 너라는 축제
10) 오래된 노래
11) 눈부시다


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