Standing Egg releases new mini-album ‘36.5’

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Indie band Standing Egg have returned with a new album titled 36.5.

Earlier in February and March this year, the band’s Confession(고백) and Lean on Me(내게 기대) topped the music charts and helped hyped the anticipation for their new album. The mini-album is made up of a total of five songs including their hit song, Confession.

The first track, Blue Sky, talks about the feeling of the heart fluttering and the awkwardness when meeting with an ex again. The song  has a  sweet melody, upbeat rhythm, and an acoustic guitar sound that is familiar with ‘Standing Egg Style’.

The title song of the album and the second song on the track list, Yes, You(그래, 너) is made with a combination of the Nashville country music style and 70s style. It’s a melody difficult to come across in Korea. With basic instruments such as the guitar, the band made a song of trendy feelings that make you smile.

The fourth track, Light Whisper(빛이 속삭여), offers the familiar style used since Standing Egg’s 3rd album Shine. Lastly, Dreamer, the final track of the album is a song full of emotion using acoustic sounds. Similar to their popular song Little Star, this song sends a dim warm feeling that can also be good to soften your heart during nights where you can’t fall asleep.

Check out the music video for Yes, You above!

Check out Standing Egg’s YouTube link to listen to their whole mini album.

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