STAYC Aims for K-Pop Winning Code with First Full-Length Album Release

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Girl group STAYC is finally back after an 11-month hiatus, this time with their much-anticipated first full-length album, Metamorphic.

This release holds a special significance as it arrives 3 years and 8 months after their debut, marking a pivotal moment for the group to showcase their artistic evolution and potentially achieve the coveted title of “K-Pop winning code.”

STAYC’s comeback coincides with a growing trend in the K-Pop scene where rookie groups are aiming to achieve both immense popularity and critical acclaim with their first full-length releases.

STAYC’s Metamorphic is generating similar buzz, with some speculating it could score “winning code” success this year. This prestigious recognition signifies an album that not only achieves commercial success but also garners praise from critics and solidifies the group’s artistic identity.

Adding to the excitement is STAYC’s continued collaboration with producer Black Eyed Pilseung (BEP), the mastermind behind their signature sound since their debut.

BEP’s role as general producer for Metamorphic suggests a continuation of their successful partnership, reassuring fans who have come to love STAYC’s unique brand of music.

Metamorphic goes beyond just a collection of songs, however. This 14-track album features unit and solo songs written and performed by the members themselves, highlighting their artistic growth and desire to express themselves beyond just performing.

The album also includes a heartwarming gesture towards their devoted fanbase, “Sweet,” with a special fan song titled “Stay With Me” penned by all the members. With a focus on both musical evolution and fan appreciation, STAYC appears poised to make a strong statement with Metamorphic.