STAYC Continues Showing Remarkable Achievements With Track “ASAP”

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STAYC continues emerging as one of the leading fourth-generation rookie groups with their mounting achievements for hit track, “ASAP”.

STAYC maintains an upward trajectory as their recent comeback continues to demand attention from domestic and foreign fans alike. The group delivered their second single album, STAYDOM, along with its title track, “ASAP”, early last month. However, the achievements continue to rise, illustrating the group’s impressive growing popularity.


Upon its release, “ASAP” shattered records set by the group’s debut track “SO BAD”, receiving a multitude of praise from worldwide fans. Additionally, STAYC’s newest album STAYDOM received 35, 518 initial sales, exceeding their previous sales records. The group is on track to sell 58,836 copies a month after their comeback.

Moreover, the music video for “ASAP” surpassed 20 million views in only 9 days. The song’s popularity was also depicted by global fans as the song entered the weekly chart of the Billboard K-Pop 100.

Furthermore, “ASAP” continues to top rankings five weeks after dropping on the Melon 24Hits Chart. The track continues to trend on other real-time streaming charts from platforms including Bugs and Genie, establishing steady popularity.

The song’s catchy choreography caught the attention of TikTok users as STAYC released an “ASAP” dance challenge, further expanding the track’s reach across global netizens. Subsequently, fans participated in the challenge and also produced different covers and related videos using the song.

Amidst their rising popularity, STAYC recently became LG Household and Healthcare’s brand model. They were also chosen as the number one new female idols in the “Person and Culture” category during the 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards, depicting their growing influence.

Meanwhile, STAYC gift fans with a special activity for their debut song “SO WHAT” during a music broadcast to thank fans for their support.

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