STAYC Wins The “K-Pop Star Award” During The Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards

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STAYC shows their ongoing popularity as they bag the “K-Pop Star Award” during the 29th Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards!

Since their debut, STAYC has continued to emerge as one of the most popular girl groups among the many talented rookies currently dominating the industry. As evidence of their continuous success, the group won their latest award at the recent Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards, taking home the “K-Pop Star Award”.


Following their win, STAYC shared their gratitude for the award and the support from fans and staff.

The members stated, “We’re happy and honored to receive such a meaningful award. We would like to thank all the family members of High Up Entertainment and the staff who helps us. Above all, SWITH, who always trusts and supports us, thank you and we love you.”

They promised, “We will continue to become a StayC who can make K-Pop shine and repay you with better music.”

STAYC’s newest award joins the multiple trophies the group has accumulated this year. The members won various other accolades including, the “2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Award” for girl groups, the “2021 The Fact Music Awards Next Leader”, the “2021 Asia Artist Awards New Wave Award”, and the “2021 Melon Music Awards Wonder K Original Content Award.”

These successes are a reflection of the outstanding support sent from domestic and worldwide fans.

After debuting in November 2020, STAYC continued to impress fans and listeners with a subsequent stream of hit title tracks. This includes, “ASAP” as well as “STEREOTYPE”, both of which highlight their high teen concept.

As a result of such a bright and shining year, many are eagerly anticipating what the members have in store for 2022 regarding their music and other official content.

Source: Xports News

Image and Video Source: High Up Entertainment

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