Stray Kids Achieve Outstanding Pre-Order Sales For Upcoming Album “NOEASY”

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Proving that they are indeed one of the leading fourth-generation boy groups today, Stray Kids attains a monumental achievement with their upcoming album NOEASY!

Making history left and right, Stray Kids has recently accumulated a massive amount for their upcoming album NOEASY


As of August 17, the popular boy group’s newest offering has already exceeded 830,000 pre-order sales. This is higher than what their 2020 repackage album IN生 (Life) had achieved, which only recorded about 300,000 pre-order sales.

Meanwhile, GO生, the album released prior to IN生 only amassed 200,000 pre-orders in just five days prior to its release. 

As proof of their steady rise in the industry, Stray Kids was able to achieve the said massive 830,000 number in just six days before their highly-anticipated return.

With this, the boy group was able to quickly beat their previous personal record. Sales are expected to go higher as well as the anticipation of STAYs increases and the comeback day gets nearer.

Stray Kids Noeasy

NOEASY will mark as Stray Kids’ latest album in 11 months since they unveiled IN生 (Life) and its chart-topping single “Back Door” in September 2020.

Furthermore, this will also mark as the group’s official appearance together after winning first place on idol reality competition show Kingdom: Legendary War.


Further increasing fans’ excitement, the dazzling boy group recently unveiled a of unit teaser images featuring their breathtaking visuals and manly auras.

The photos show the boys donning stylish and fierce black and white ensembles while exhibiting their overflowing charisma and chemistry. 

To add, Stray Kids also unveiled an almost two-minute snippet of one of their songs called “Sorry, I Love You.” The clip displays the boys standing in front of their stand microphones while singing and absorbing the lyrics to the heartfelt track.

Watching it alone can make everyone realise how talented the group is and why many are calling them all-rounders.

Along with the said track, thirteen various tracks of different genres will also bless fans’ ears soon. This includes the title track “Thunderous” composed by none other than members Changbin, Bang Chan and Han, better known as 3RACHA. It encourages people to ignore all the naysayers and just focus on what they think matters.

To make it more memorable and striking, the trio added traditional Korean music sounds to the track, serving also as their signature music style. 

Stray Kids’ final track for Kingdom called “WOLFGANG” as well as “OH” will be included in the album. That said, expectations are now rising regarding what kind of performances and appearances the group has prepared for K-Pop fans worldwide.

Stray Kids will release their second full album NOEASY on August 23 at 6 PM KST. 

Source: Herald Pop

Photos from JYP Entertainment

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