Stray Kids Takes Home First Music Show Win For “Levanter” On Nine-Or-None Anniversary

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On a very special day, Stray Kids had reached another very special milestone thanks to the never-ending support of Stays.

Stray Kids had earned their first music show win for their latest comeback track “Levanter” on Music Bank‘s December 19, 2019 episode – and it happened on a very special anniversary for the group and their fans alike.

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December 19, 2019 marks two years after JYP Entertainment officially announced that Stray Kids will be debuting with nine members – Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. It has also been two years since then that Stays have adopted the phrase “Nine or None” and held it close to their hearts, and the universe seemed to have aligned to show that “Nine or None” will continue forever no matter where the compass points to.

Fitting to its emotional yet strongly determined lyrics, Stray Kids’ latest comeback track “Levanter” was able to power through with its first music show win on this special day, making it even more meaningful to Stays.

“We heard the news that we were first place on M Countdown! First, we would like to give this honour to our Stays. Stays, thank you so much!” leader Chan happily said on the group’s pre-recorded acceptance video.

“Thank you to the Stays who have always supported us and the staff at our company as well. Thank you to M Countdown who gave us such a gift of being number one again! We’ll be Stray Kids who continues to work hard in the future. Thank you!” Seungmin promised as well.

The win also marks their second over-all music show win since they officially debuted in 2018. The first was with “Miroh” earlier through M Countdown, which they attained on another special date – April 4, 2019 or 4419, which is notably the number of the bus that they always rode as trainees and was even immortalized through their melancholic and nostalgic song “4419” from their 2018 album Mixtape.


Following their new achievement, Stays expressed how happy and proud they were of Stray Kids with the hashtags #Levanter1stWin and #StrayKids2ndWin. Their celebration also contained emotional messages for the boys for the meaningful recognition they received on their special day.

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Screengrab from Stray Kids‘ 1st Win for “Miroh” on Mnet