Stray Kids Gets Ready To Serve From “God’s Menu” With Music Video Teaser

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Stray Kids increased the heat in this latest serving from “God’s Menu”!

Stray Kids packed a punch with a flavourful teaser of the music video of their delightful title track from their upcoming comeback album GO/GO LIVE.

The teaser gave an insight to what “God’s Menu” entails. Chef Felix gave the sous chefs – Hyunjin, Bang Chan, I.N, Lee Know, Seungmin and Han, directions to prepare the stellar soup with a recipe straight from the heavens.

However, one may want to proceed with caution as this dish definitely comes with a warning on the menu as it claims to turn up those spice levels. 

Stray Kids looked fierce in a fiery setting as they looked like something straight out of an anime with their overall style. 

Felix is sure to leave you speechless with his deep, breathy voice which is resonating within the music video teaser and which adds a delectable note to the melody.

The choreography is cutting edge to say the least, especially with movements that mimic knife work and of sprinkling salt over their heads as Felix sings, “Just put it in today/feel free and do it more/Don’t hesitate to come/Mix it, mix it,” before Hyunjin charmingly but confidently complies by stating, “Yes Sir!”. The group then presents their soul stirring soup while dancing in traditional attire.

Stray Kids

The ambiance of the track is extremely intense as well as addictive and is bound to leave fans hungry for more.

Stray Kids will be releasing their zestful first full length album GO/GO LIVE along with its title track “God’s Menu” on June 17.

Source: JYP Entertainment

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