Stray Kids Reveals Jam-Packed Track List For “Cle 2 : Yellow Wood”

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STAYs, are your playlists ready to welcome new tracks from Stray Kids?

Continuing its music releases this 2019, Stray Kids will unveil another extended play that will carry on the series the boys started in March with Clé 1: MIROH.

Titled Clé 2: Yellow Wood, the upcoming mini album will be released on June 19 — an announcement made through an intense and dramatic comeback trailer on June 3.

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3RACHA Takes Charge Once Again with Three New Tracks

Intensifying the hype for its return, the boy group shared the titles of the songs that will fill the EP, as well as, the songwriting credits for each track.

The track list was released in two versions namely black and white. Each version also features different introductions, amplifying the curiosity of fans about Clé 2: Yellow Wood.

Based on the released tracklist, Stray Kids’ songwriting trio 3RACHA, composed of Bang Chan, Chang Bin, and Han, will once again take charge of the lyrics of all the songs in the EP.

Three new songs will be introduced in the boys’ upcoming comeback namely “A Path Never Taken Before”, “Side Effects”, and “Thoughts”. “Side Effects” will front the EP. Aside from penning the title track, 3RACHA also worked with Tak and 1Take in composing the song. The talented trio also took the role of composers for “Thoughts”, together with TIME and GRVVITY.

In addition to three new songs, Stray Kids will also bring together four mixtapes which were previously released as special inclusions of the physical versions of the previous albums.

Stray Kids

Stray Kids

Pre-order for the limited version of Clé 2: Yellow Wood is now available on various online music sites.

The limited version of the EP will include one photo book, a special page, one CD-R, three QR photo cards, one unit photo card set, and a sticker. Those who will pre-order the mini album will also get one poster, a yellow wood card, and one photo.

Unveil Tour goes to Europe!

In related news, Stray Kids will bring Unveil Tour “I am…” in Europe. The boys will start the Europe leg of the tour at the 02 Academy Brixton in London on July 28. They will then perform at the Les Docks De Paris-Pullman in Paris on July 30 and at the Verti Music Hall in Berlin on August 2.

Wrapping up the Europe leg of Unveil Tour “I am…”, the boy group will meet STAYs at the Adrenaline Stadium in Moscow on August 4.