Stray Kids Continues Sailing With Intriguing “Levanter” Music Video Teasers

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Stray Kids has winded up bringing so much more excitement to their fans as they continue counting down to their comeback!

Stray Kids keeps on breezing through making the anticipation for their comeback with the mini-album Clé: LEVANTER even higher as they unveil the intriguing music video snippets for its lead track “Levanter”!

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The storyline of the mystery-filled Cle series continues as the group drops snippets of what fans can expect for their next comeback, which is coming to storm the K-Pop scene this December 9 at 6 PM KST!

Taking off from the captivating teaser photos they shared earlier which showed two different sides of each member, Stray Kids had recently unveiled clips from their music video for “Levanter” to keep fans staying in the edge of their seats as they wait for its release.

On the first music video teaser, the group emphasized the dramatic atmosphere they have created for their upcoming track’s music video. Besides the strong gusts of wind which alludes to “Levanter”, a strong easterly wind in the Mediterranean region, the element of fire was also heavily highlighted in the short clip.

Meanwhile, the second music video teaser for “Levanter” starts with Felix’s scene-stealing solo dance. Followed by the other members joining him in to show the powerful choreography they prepared once more, the clip further raises curiosity with the line “I wanna be myself” from the lyrics being revealed at the end.

Clé: Levanter marks their fifth mini-album after the release of Clé 1: Miroh in March 2019. Besides “Levanter”, it will also contain the singles “Double Knot” and “Astronaut” which was released in October and November, respectively, along with five new original tracks which fans should look forward to.

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