Stray Kids Reveals Ultimate Goals As A Group In Recent Singles Interview

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STAY will surely support their favorite idol group Stray Kids in achieving their dreams!

South Korean boy group Stray Kids recently participated in a pictorial and interview for Singles magazine.

Just recently, the Korean fashion magazine released the stunning photos of the K-pop octet.

Capturing hearts of fans with their visual-blinding beauty, the boys donned modish ensembles that truly highlighted their sophistication. Aside from wowing fans with their charismatic group shot, Stray Kids divided themselves into three units to show more of their style and aura.

In the interview after the pictorial, Stray Kids gamely talked about their journey as an idol group.

Bang Chan and Han first shared their participation in making their own music. “We like hip-hop and R&B genres but we also write a long of quiet songs. We try to express various kinds of things through our songs,” they said.

Changbin also expressed his determination saying, “My goal is to achieve my dreams. Right now, that’s all I think about.”

Stray Kids likewise revealed their ultimate goals as artists. “We want to continue showing a genre that is uniquely our own. We want to be acknowledged by many people around the world for the music we personally made.”

Fans can see more photos and know more about Stray Kids’ interview through Singles Magazine’s September 2020 issue.

Source: Newsen

Photo Credits: Singles Magazine