Stray Kids Unveils A Heart-Thumping Teaser Of Their Track “TA”

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Get ready to let loose and party with Stray Kids as they release a teaser of a new track from their upcoming album GO LIVE.

Stray Kids revealed a highly energetic preview of their track “/TA” which promises to go extreme with wildness and excitement.

“TA” boasts of high-powered beats to match the electrifying setting of the video. The members also showed off some of their most dynamic dance moves. Additionally, they enjoyed an evidently fun time as they invited fans to “ride and fly high”, with them.

In term of visual and style, Stray Kids went casual chic with a hint of grunge in the teaser. Their mischievous expressions, peppy vocals, and fiery rap verses also added a bounce to the edgy track.

“TA” bursts with a hard-to-miss zealousness that raises excitement with every listen. The teaser further showcased the group in a dark setting lit by neon lights. They freely enjoyed themselves and exuded a carefree demeanour which created an atmosphere resembling a party.

The visuals and theme of the clip reflected the idea of what one would imagine upon hearing the words “stray kids”. The members showed their playful sides which matched the energy of the fast and pumped up track. 

Stray Kids

The anticipation of fans around the group’s new album GO/GO LIVE has only been rising with their track unveils and charismatic concept photos. Setting their powerful return, the album will present an exciting unconventional and edgy vibe, as exhibited by its rocking teaser images and power-packed sounds.

Four songs have been unveiled so far, including “TA.” Announcing their comeback, the group first released their high-octane track “GO”. They had also unveiled track previews for “Easy” and “TOP”. 

Stray Kids

Stray Kids is set to release their first full length album GO/GO LIVE and it’s title track “God’s Menu” on June 17.

Source: JYP Entertainment


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