Stray Kids Talks About Their Journey To “GO LIVE” In Honest Intro Video

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Stray Kids sat down for a heart-to-heart with fans in an honest intro video for their upcoming album GO/GO LIVE!

There’s just a day to go before the highly-anticipated release of their comeback album GO生/GO LIVE. Stray Kids opened up about their journey and process of all the behind the scenes and making of the album.

The members spoke about their struggles and thoughts while working on their new music. Additionally, there were some heartwarming concert montages inserted in the video as well.

Stray Kids

Showing theircapabilities as versatile artists, almost all of the tracks on the album are composed by Stray Kids’ production team 3RACHA which is composed of members Bang Chan, Changbin and Han.

The Way To ‘Go’

Changbin shared that when the group was in America, 3RACHA produced a lot of songs. He added that they composed almost 3-4 songs in a day including the tracks, “Easy” and “GO”. Changbin stated that during their stay of three to four days in America, they wrote more than ten songs already.

Lee Know and I.N both expressed that they had been working really hard for this comeback. Lee Know said that he had been working out hard. He felt he had lost his confidence after their tour in America. Thus, he wanted to build his strength so that he could do hard dances.

Echoing Lee Know’s thoughts, I.N also said that he felt that sometimes he feels he tries but he doesn’t have the strength to do some things. He said that he too, decided to work out more and that he is trying harder than ever now.

Hyunjin talked about working with Changbin on a track. The two members worked together to create a sexy, R&B like number and Hyunjin said that since it’s a genre that both he and Changbin enjoyed. He further asserted that he does everything only for their fans.

Speaking about what inspires him to create songs, Han said that he draws inspiration from sources such manhwas, shows or dramas sometimes.

He also shared that he writes tracks using such inspirations as he reminisced back to when he composed the track “Close.” He talked about Hello Stranger, which showed a situation when a girl was hurt and the boy comes up to her and says “Hello stranger.” He professed that this instance was so heartwarming to him that he got inspired and incorporated the emotions he felt when he saw that, which he included in his track.

Stray Kids

Seungmin stated that there’s something that one can make during a certain time and age in life. He said, “The sounds, the emotions, the feelings when you make lyrics, the feeling is now. I couldn’t see it, but now I do because of the memories that STAY gave us.”

Going back to one of the memories, Seungmin said that when he sang his SKZ-PLAYER, he went to the original songwriter and recorded it next to them. He said that as soon as he got the recordings he thought to himself, “I have to give this to STAY immediately,” and that’s how his “You Were Beautiful” cover came up.

Leader Bang Chan said that he loves making music because it’s fun and that it helps him relieve stress. He insisted that whenever he’s making something new, he feels like he’s on a new journey.

“I feel I’m receiving this electric energy through my veins and through my arms. Not only is “God’s Menu” energetic but it’s fun that I can keep on doing the same moves every single time,” Felix exclaimed when he spoke about his experience of their high-octane title track. Making a heartwarming confession, he also said, “Home. Stray Kids is home.”

Stray Kids

Stray Kids will be releasing their exciting first full album GO/GO LIVE on various music sites on June 17 at 6 PM KST.

Source: JYP Entertainment