Stray Kids Cook Up A Storm In Latest Teaser For “God’s Menu”

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Move over Michelin star specials as Stray Kids cook up a meal straight out of the heavens from “God’s Menu”!

Stray Kids heat things up as they prepare for a feast in their new teaser for their track, “God’s Menu”. At the beginning of the video, the young ‘chefs’ are all dressed up in traditional style clothing.

God’s Menu

The group flaunts their culinary skills in a tasteful manner. Each of the members is introduced within the video in a very delectable way.

First, Changbin looks ever so zestful as he gives off major Fruit Ninja vibes. He is blindfolded as he cuts up fruits and vegetables that are suspended in the air, with an edged kitchen knife.

Han shows off his culinary ‘chops’ when he slays with his speedy knife skills. He skilfully cuts and preps varied ingredients while stunning with his sharp looks.

Stray Kids

Stirring the pot, Bang Chan teases STAYs with his delightful charms. Besides this, he adds a dash of spice to the setting with his appealing appearance while channeling his inner ‘salt bae’.

Seungmin literally packs a punch in his part while he aggressively kneads dough. Additionally, he puts in a flavorful touch to the still with his sweet visuals.

Looking effortlessly enticing, Lee Know is sure to give fans Naruto flashbacks especially when he magically multiplies himself as well as the mouthwatering meal in front of him.

Who needs adamantium claws when you can have sharp skewers? Hyunjin elevates the heat with his fiery presence as he prepares and presents his marvelous meal in true Wolverine style.

Stray Kids

Each of the inviting elements cooked up by the members concocts together to create the stellar dish. A sweet faced I.N puts in the final touches with his rich garnishes thereby completing the godly fare.

And finally, Felix looks flawlessly fascinating with his seraphic style. He holds a piercing gaze while he prepares the table for the divine feast.

The members then pose in front of the meal, like fierce food sorcerers as the teaser concludes evidently leaving STAYs hungry for more!

Stray Kids

Stray Kids will be releasing their flavorful first full length album GO/GO LIVE along with it’s title track “God’s Menu” on June 17.

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