Stray Kids Serves A Delectable Tracklist For “GO LIVE” Comeback

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Get ready to choose what you want as Stray Kids hands over a menu full of tasteful tunes for their new album GO LIVE!

After unveiling cool concept photos, Stray Kids have served yet another treat for their fans as they get closer to the release of their first full-length album this June 17!

On June 7, the group unveiled the tracklist for their comeback album GO LIVE which features 14 tracks that each cater to the liking of their fans.

Every track has something distinctive to offer with all of them made up of a unique mix of ingredients. To top it all off, the album is packed with songs written by Stray Kids’ production team 3RACHA, which is made up of members Bang Chan, Changbin and Han.

Stray Kids

The album opens with the track titled “GO” that packs a punch with its strong choice of ingredients such as raw, wildness and my way.

To stir things up, the album’s title track “ Menu (literal translation: God’s Menu),” promises intensity with its addictive style. However, STAYs might want to proceed with caution as the track may just be a little too hot to handle and is sure to be a spicy one.

Meanwhile, “Easy” consists of delectable dance tunes that drip with confidence and passion. “Pacemaker”, on the other hand, aims to channel the cheer and excitement with its heart-thumping rhythm.

The song “비행기” also guarantees freshness with its youthful ingredients that might just make their fans fall in love with the track. Additionally, the track 일상” is sure to make Stray Kids’ fans sigh with its deep lyrics that express feelings of loneliness amidst its hazy vibe.

Meanwhile, “Phobia” is set to trap fans in with its eclectic mix of ingredients such as fear to ensure an exclusive listening experience due to its complex notes. Furthermore, “장사진” contains a dreamlike composition and youthful essence which is already gathering high hopes for fans.

Extreme wildness will also be showcased by the group in “타”, which is all geared up to raise fans’ excitement with its bold and sharp zest. “Haven” will also bring in a rush of freedom and energetic vibes with its power-packed piquancy.

The menu contains some previously-released specials as well, such as the tracks “Top” and “Slump” from the OST of the anime Tower of God. “Top” offers limitless ambition with a sprinkle of passion while “Slump” may make listeners taste some bitter notes of fear, tear and loneliness.

Released earlier this year, the group’s mixtape track “Gone Days” will also fill the album up with its wit and confidence.

Lastly, the menu ends with a serving of a monologue, “바보라도 알아” that entails of an assorted mix of ingredients from regret to empathy to provide an emotional feel with every line.

Stray Kids

The group will ease their fans’ hunger for their new music with spiced snippets of their tracks that will drop on June 8, 10, 11, 12 and 15, according to their recently-released scheduler.

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