Sunmi Evokes Vintage Glamour In New Concept Photos For Mini-Album “1/6”

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Sunmi teases a return to the past in retro concept images for her upcoming mini-album, 1/6.

The solo queen Sunmi will make her return this August with a brand new mini-album called, 1/6. In recently released concept images, the artist teases a “high-teen” concept. The term refers to an emerging trend that celebrates more retro concepts in relation to the youth culture of the 1990s and 2000s.

The concept is a complete contrast to Sunmi’s previous release, Tail. Her last project was a sultry, edgy affair where the artist embodied a villainous feline role. In comparison, 1/6 is shaping to be equally flirty, but a much brighter release.

The most recent images display Sunmi standing against a background reminiscent of a Hollywood boulevard. The artist boasts newly bleached hair and a bubblegum pink headband and dress. The photos add an element of playful whimsy as Sunmi stands amidst a cloud of bubbles.

The “teen high” concept remains consistent across all concept images thus far. In other photos, Sunmi wears a mixture of pastels and fluorescent tops and cardigans. Additionally, the artist wears accessories reminding fans of popular ’90s fashion trends, including wristbands, headbands, large clips, chunky rings, and beaded accessories.

The concept matches the current wave of love for “high-teen” fashion and pop culture, raising anticipation for the release.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the newest music from the soloist. Since her solo debut, Sunmi continues to make a name for herself in the industry. In particular, the artist impresses with her self-made music, which delivers a variety of genres and messages to fans. Furthermore, she shows many different sides of herself to fans through different concepts and powerful stages.

As such, the artist quickly rose to the top of the industry, coined as one of the “Queens” of K-Pop. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy new music from Sunmi as she makes her return on August 6 at 6 PM KST with the mini-album, 1/6.

Source: Sunmi | ABYSS COMPANY