8 Things About SuperM Debut That Fans Can Be Excited About

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SuperM is ready for a smashing debut!

Touted as this year’s K-Pop avengers group, SuperM responds with supreme responses from biggest questions raised in their recent media conference. After weeks of announcements, image and video teasers, SuperM’ much-awaited debut will finally drop on October 4. 


Originally, the group’s focused is on the US market as their debut track will be released on Friday and a showcase outside Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood the following day.

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Regardless of the busy schedule, SuperM held a press conference in Seoul on October 2 that aims to answer some of the most intriguing questions about the group’s music and members. 

#1 The American Dream

Since Taemin debuted in 2008, most of his tours were around Asian countries like Japan or Chinese speaking countries. As he rarely go to America, he dreamt of wanting to perform there as he found it very interesting to see Western people enjoy Korean music and culture. 

#2 YouTube Live streams

As the group’s showcase is located outside Capital Records Tower and a lot of fans can’t see them personally, Baekhyun revealed that they will also host a live stream event on SM Town’s YouTube channel. 

#3 More than just a collaboration

Even before SuperM was formed, members became friends since they collaborated with each other in SMTown concerts. They are delighted to work again together as a group.

#4 A unique fusion of music

As the group’s ultimate goal is for a fusion of East and West, SuperM’s producer Lee Soo-man also ensures that the members’ and his opinions are mutually considered. He made sure that the group know all the plans they made for them.

#5 Ten’s cute confession

During the interview, Ten’s first impression to Kai was revealed. He thought at first that Kai was a little intimidating, but turned out his senior was the most caring among them.

#6 Jumping and Popping

Combining these two words, “Jopping” was formed. As the words mean, the album title track gives off its party vibes. All seven members recorded this song and they will probably burn the stage with their performance.

(We are ready to see Lee Soo-man’s advice for this song: Do Kung Fu moves!)

#7 The “Cultural Universe”

For the East and West to meet is Lee Soo-man’s vision. The album’s second song “I Can’t Stand The Rain” includes a lot of Eastern instruments combined with contemporary pop. It would be the ideal embodiment of the Lee’s vision as it brings oriental music to the Westerns. 

#8 Unit Songs

The album contains three unit songs designed to highlight each member’s persona. Baekhyun, Taemin, Mark and Lucas’ “2 Fast” – and Lucas definitely love this song.

“Super Car” was recorded by Baekyun, Taemin, Taeyong, Ten. Mark and Baekhyun personally love the track.

Meanwhile, “No Manners” was sung by Taemin, Kai, Taeyong and Ten. “The song tells that you have to be heartless ending a relationship as it doesn’t turn out to be on good terms sometimes,” Taeyeon remarked.

Source: The Korea Herald

Image Credit: SuperM Facebook Page