Superstar K6 Runner-up Kim Feel Releases MV Teaser For “Marry Me”

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Former runner up of Superstar K6, Kim Feel has released a MV teaser for his new single entitled Marry Me.

In less than 28 seconds, Kim Feel has captured the hearts of his fans as he showcases his powerful and sweet vocals, while serenading Park Soo Jin, who plays his wife-to-be in the music video. The story of the music video is about Park Soo Jin getting ready for her dream wedding with Kim Feel, while the singer prepares to serenade his gorgeous wife-to-be.


GIF: Tumblr

The full video will be released on April 21, just in time for the wedding season. For the soon-to-be wed couples out there, this song would be perfect for your wedding.

Nice timing, Kim Feel! :) GIF: Tumblr

Nice timing, Kim Feel! ๐Ÿ™‚ GIF: Tumblr

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